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Alex is a person who finds speaking or writing in the third person completely obtuse. I am one of your fairly normal dudes from Lawng Oyland, New Yawk. Though i'm not sure if you can be normal and from Long Island without the world imploding. I developed most of my capabilities at New York Film Academy. The one in SoHo in Manahattan- there's like a hundred of them. The other portion I would attribute to the Upright Citizens Brigade improv program. I thoroughly enjoy making things up.


Suffice it to say, I drove the three thousand miles to relocate in Tinseltown. People still say that, right? I've done a couple fun projects, and I am excited to have the opportunity to do more. Currently we are in the development stages for the third installment of the popular gay romantic comedy, BearCity. Otherwise, I have been writing and developing a couple of my own projects. And, yes, that is a Space Invaders tie.


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